AEROLASE Lightpod Neo Micropulse 1064-XT Laser Used – Excellent

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Includes: Handpiece, Handpiece Control Panel, 6mm Collimated Lens, 5mm Focus Lens, 2mm Focus Lens, Footswitch, (3) Operator Eyewear, Patient Eyewear, Interlock, Keys, Warning Sign, (2) Operators Manuals, Power Cord, Air Hose, Hard Carrying Case

AEROLASE Lightpod Neo Micropulse 1064-XT Laser Used – Excellent

Drive Their Results That Deliver You Success

The Neo Elite by Aerolase is the single leading device-based solution for a complete approach to addressing medical and aesthetic skin concerns. With the Neo Elite, skin health professionals establish powerful and profitable solutions for the most common medical skin concerns and the most in-demand aesthetic services.
The Power of One.

One device capable of addressing 36 different FDA indications is remarkable enough. One handpiece to address them all is astounding. Plus, it keeps design functional and treatment stunningly simple.
You Define the Limits. Not the Device.

The AEROLASE Lightpod Neo Micropulse 1064-XT Laser Used – Excellent is made for those who want to take control. For those who want to defy limits and change the world of skin health. The Neo Elite provides you with the ability to treat skin conditions on any patient of any age or skin type. The only limit is how you choose to use it in your business.

Modernize your approach to addressing skin concerns
Establish profitable, recurring revenue streams
Retain, attract, and delight your patients
Deliver the highest standard of care
Change your patient’s lives from the skin out

Powerfully Purposeful to Improve Everything Skin Related
Skin health professionals deliver their best work when they have the right tools. The Neo Elite 650-microsecond laser improves how you address the most common medical skin disease and aesthetic concerns. The outcome is a patient experience that is more personalized and more enjoyable with unmistakable results.


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