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Alma Pixel Co2 Laser

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2008 Alma Pixel Co2 & Radio Frequency Laser; Manufactured 07/2008; Excellent Operating and Good Cosmetic Condition, Preventive Maintenance Performed 04/2014, Service Report Available Upon Request; Includes: 7×7 Handpiece, 9×9 Handpiece, Footswitch, Key, Operator Eyewear, Patient Eyewear, Operator Manual, and 90 Day Warranty


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2008 Alma Pixel Co2 Laser

Laser Type:Sealed, RF-excited CO2 laser
Wavelength:10.6 µm
Maximum CW Power:70 Watt
Operational Mode:CW, Super Pulse
Pulse width:50-1000 µs
Pulse Frequency:25-500 Hz
Spot Size:3 tip options 7 x 7 array of 49 pixels, 9 x 9 array of 81 pixels and 1×7 array of 7 pixels
Surgical Handpieces:50, 100 mm focal lengths
Delivery system:Lightweight, carbon fiber, 7-joint, spring-balanced articulated arm
Controls:Color touch screen, footswitch
Diode Aiming Laser:650 nm, 5 mW
Electrical:120 VAC, 20 A, 50/60 Hz or 230 VAC, 10 A, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D):52″ x 17.75″ x 21″ (132 cm x 45 cm x 53 cm)
Weight:135 lbs. (61 kg)
The Power of CO2, the Performance of Pixel
The Pixel® CO2 system is the perfect system for any practice looking to offer fractionated CO2 laser treatments. Representing the best of both worlds for skin resurfacing, Pixel CO2 combines the proven effectiveness of an ablative approach with a level of patient comfort and convenience that approaches a non-ablative solution. Pixel CO2 offers:
7 x 7 and 9 x 9 pixel array
iPixelCO2 optional 1 x 7 pixel array
Pixel Perfect™ skin resurfacing
Significantly reduced downtime compared to traditional resurfacing
Fast treatment times
50-mm and 100-mm surgical handpieces
70 Watt power
Pixel CO2 is ideal for aesthetic practitioners looking to add the impressive results of fractionated CO2 to their patient service offerings. Through patient-friendly Pixel Perfect laser skin resurfacing procedures with minimal downtime, Pixel CO2 gives practitioners the ability to add a proven revenue stream to your practice quickly and easily.


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