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Deka Minisilk FT

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Like New Deka Minisilk; Perfect Operating Condition, and Excellent Cosmetic Condition, Single Office Owner; Completely Refurbished by Deka on 03/16/2016, Records Available Upon Request; Manufactured 03/2011; Pulses = 25; All Brand New Accessories are Included: Filters – 500, 520, 550, 600, & 650 nm, (2) Operator Eyewear, Patient Block Out Glasses, (2) Keys, Footswitch, Water Refill Kit, Warning Sign, and 90 Day Warranty. km


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Like New Deka Minisilk FT – Completely Refurbished

Source:Flash Lamp – Xe Lamp
Filters:500, 520, 550, 600, 650 nm
Treatment Area:48mm x 13 mm (6.2cm2)
Fluence:from 3 to 25 J/cm2
Skin Cooling:Contact Peltier System
Size:37cm (W), 45cm (D), 22cm (H)
Weight:35 lb/16 Kg

Effective, Powerful, Compact

Hair reduction with high-intensity wide-spectrum pulsed light source, has shown to be very successful.

Minisilk is a powerful and reliable version of the technology in a compact package.

The FT Pulsed Light represents a versatile source for applications ranging from Vascular and Pigmented Lesions, to Hair Reduction. The FT lamp covers a large treatment area (6.2 cm2) that, through the snap-on interchangeable filters, allows physicians to change the wavelength to adapt the light emission to treatment and patient’s skin type.

The Deka Minisilk FT UPL hand-piece includes 5 interchangeable filters for wavelength selection, a longer life, better ergonomics, and the high degree of reliability and efficiency that distinguish DEKA’s products.

Minisilk represents the ideal solution for those working in different studios. It offers premium quality, maximum safety and comfort both for patients and operators, and a quick and satisfying return on investment.


Permanent Hair Reduction
Photocoagulation of Vascular Lesions
Photothermolysis of Blood Vessels & Treatment of Benign Pigmented Lesions

Key of success:
Higher intensities treatments without thermal damage thanks to fractionated pulse

5 interchangeable filters with different spectrum of emission in 2 different spot sizes to adjust the emission based on the patient’s needs

Adjustable levels for contact skin-cooling system integrated in the handpiece

Compact and light technology. The reduced size of Minisilk FT makes it easy to move around and the lighweight and compact handpiece guarantees effortless treatments

Incorporated power meter

The Fractioned Pulse: a Guarantee of Safety
The Minisilk FT pulse can be divided into three pulses: a feature that makes this technology ideal for removing hair or spots on dark skins. Fractioned pulses make it possible to use much higher fluences while protecting the skin.


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