KAVO ESTETICA™ E50 Life Dental Chair

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Dental Chair with comfort in its most beautiful form

You will find all the functions that you need on your KaVo dental chair. Direct keys without double allocation guide you intuitively to your goal – no time-consuming familiarisation and no tiresome searching for functions during treatment. In conjunction with the clearly designed screen and the KaVo colour scheme, this will guarantee a smooth workflow and will allow you to have more effective treatment time.

KAVO ESTETICA™ E50 Life Dental Chair

The patient chair

1. Modern chair design
2. Optimised comfort from the soft cushion shape, optional RELAXline soft upholstery
3. Higher max. patient weight up to 185 kg
4. Integrated Trendelenburg movement for patient comfort
5. Extended highest/lowest positions

Patient communication

6. KaVo DIAGNOcam (Product not shown in image) – light years ahead of caries
7. High-resolution screens: KaVo Screen HD, 19″ and 22″

CONEXIO system software

8. You can control your patient communication from the dentist element.
9. Installation preparation for KaVo ERGOcam One and KaVo DIAGNOcam (Product not shown in image)
10. Plug & Play for new device connections
11. Automatic data backup
12. Easy control via dentist element (limited) and KaVo foot switch (for KaVo ERGOcam One and KaVo DIAGNOcam)

This is my lifestyle and this is how I want to work

Your lifestyle bears your signature, continue this in your practice. With your own concepts, preferences and expectations. Focus on the areas that are important to you and feel the support of a high-quality dental chair which optimally supports your work procedures.

The KAVO ESTETICA™ E50 Life Dental Chair . Simple to use. Simple to expand. Simply reliable.

With the KaVo configurator you can easily setup and build a treatment unit according to your needs. Lots of choices offer you a perfect customization to perfectly fit into your daily workflow.

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