Lutronic LaseMD Skin Rejuvenation

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What should I expect during the Total GLO treatment? Is it painful?
You will feel some tingling and heat as both devices are passed over the skin. The number of passes and procedure time will depend on the depth of treatment, lasting anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. To minimize discomfort, your physician will apply a numbing cream 30-45 minutes before the treatment to maximize your comfort.

Lutronic LaseMD Skin Rejuvenation

What is the Lutronic LaseMD device?
This device is a revolutionary way for patients to address a variety of conditions. This is an advanced laser skin rejuvenation technique that is used by our professionals to activate the body’s natural regenerative processes, including the production of collagen and elastin. It can nourish deep into the skin’s layers while also enriching it with vitamin serums, and it can result in an even skin tone, improved texture, and a healthier glow to the skin overall. This treatment can also address pigmentation issues. The device uses a non-ablative 1927nm fractional thulium laser that targets deep into the skin and provides amazing rejuvenation of the upper dermis.

Most of our patients find that this laser therapy is best for the treatment of:
Pigmentation and pigmented lesions
Poor texture and tone of the face, neck, and décolletage
Actinic keratosis
Sun-damaged skin
Age spots/sun spots
Hypo- or hyper-pigmentation

What are the benefits of Lutronic LaseMD?
There are many benefits for patients who are interested in undergoing laser therapies such as this. LaseMD is:

Comfortable to undergo without anesthesia
Fast and effective, with most treatments under 20 minutes
Safe on all skin types
Affordable way to improve the skin’s texture and tone
Treatment without extensive downtime or healing required
The ability to integrate serums such as Retinol, Ascorbic acid, Resveratrol, and Tranexamic acid deep into the skin. Each serum addresses each patient’s specific concern
Appropriate for adult patients of both genders
LaseMD Patient Post-Treatment Instructions
Patients may feel a mild burning sensation for one to two hours following the treatment. An ice pack applied to the treated area can provide relief. The ice pack must be enclosed in dry, sterile gauze to stop water from penetrating the tissue in the treated area.
Keep the treatment area moisturized. After a day, gently wash and pat the skin dry for two days. Do not scrub the treated area. Moisturize daily. Usually, any crust will separate naturally within five to seven days after the treatment.
Please do not use cosmetics which contain active ingredients such as Retinol or AHA after treatment without prior permission from the doctor.
Avoid exercising for the first week following the treatment, or until primary healing has completed. Increasing redness may develop with any activity that stimulates blood flow or increases body temperature (e.g. Exercise, alcohol consumption, and sauna).
Avoid using cosmetics containing alcohol for at least one week after treatment.
For at least 20 days after treatment, apply UV A/B sunblock daily with SPF of at least 30. Use a hat, an umbrella, or any other available protection against sunlight while spending time outdoors.
Please contact your doctor with any questions or concerns.

What can I expect after LaseMD treatments?
Many patients will notice immediate results after their first LaseMD treatment. The skin is softer and smoother, and the skin tone is more even. This visible improvement will continue after each additional session. Many patients will schedule several sessions spaced weeks apart in order to achieve optimum results. Our practice may recommend regularly-scheduled sessions every few months to continually improve the skin and maintain the natural glow that is achieved with this service. Patients who have a specific goal, such as to greatly reduce the appearance of their freckles or to improve overall skin tone and texture, will be able to continue with treatments until their expectations have been met.


How many treatments of LaseMD do I need?
The number of treatment sessions needed for patients vary for each individual. This is because there are different goals. We consult with our patients to determine their concerns, and then we provide the services needed to achieve them. Our team will assess the patient’s skin type, condition, and initial concerns and determine if LaseMD is an effective solution. We may work with patients to develop a customized treatment plan that includes other services as well, including cosmetic injectables, microneedling, or radiofrequency treatments. Many of these can be combined for optimum improvement in the skin’s appearance and texture.

Lutronic LaseMD Skin Rejuvenation How does LaseMD Total GLO work?
The Total GLO is a combination of high intensity fractional microneedling radiofrequency device or Infini with non-ablative fractional laser or LaseMD. Infini is a foundation and it makes elastin, while LaseMD is a paint and improves skin tone and texture.

The Total GLO treatment can be customized to fit the client’s needs – whether you are looking for a mild resurfacing treatment to give your skin a glowing appearance before a special occasion or a deep treatment for pigmentation, fine lines, or mild to moderate sun damage, Total GLO is the perfect addition to your skin care routine.

Lutronic LaseMD Skin Rejuvenation

What are the benefits of the Total GLO treatment?
Brighter Skin Tone
Tightened and firmed skin on the face, neck, and jowl
Improved Skin Elasticity
Pigment Reduction


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