Medit i500 Intraoral 3D Scanner

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Value, Efficiency, and Productivity

Together, these three qualities make it easy to incorporate our intraoral scanner into your workflow. Designed with quality in mind, we created the i500 to add value to your practice. Regardless of specialization the i500 ensures that professional needs are met, workflows are optimized, and flexibility is guaranteed.

Medit i500 Intraoral 3D Scanner

Medit i500 intraoral 3D scanner is the perfect intraoral scanner for digital dentistry. It prioritises three qualities:

  • Value
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity.

The Medit i500 intraoral scanner is the ideal entry point for digital dentistry most especially for its speed, accuracy and affordability. You can buy today with no subscription fees, it is full colour and powder-free.

Below are some of the advantages of the Medit i500 and how it can have a positive influence on your practice and your patients experience from day 1:

  • A noticeable increase in patient comfort and overall appointment experience
  • Impression defects are reduced considerably due to the clinician being able to easily assess their own scan on screen, and following on from that able to re-touch irregularities. This leads to a  reduction in remakes and treatment time
  • Implant applications include artificial intelligence abutment and scan flag matching. This really gives a whole new meaning to the phrase implant impression taking, with a multitude of possibilities that have to be seen to be appreciated
  • Alignment to CT-scans for implant planning and surgical guides
  • Scans can be sent to a patients mobile phone for easy viewing, increasing patient involvement and trust in their own treatment
  • Simplified and streamlined transfer of files between yourselves, referral clinicians and laboratories.

– Small tip
– High resolution images
– Accuracy
– Flexibility with open CAD/CAM systems
– Impressive speed
– Powderless
– Video type with dual cameras
– Lightweight
– Vivid colors distinguishing soft tissue, plaque, and teeth
– Single-button control

– Tip: 18 x 15.2 mm (WxH)
– Overall handpiece length: 266 mm
– Weight: 276g
– Imaging technology: 3D-in-motion video technology
– Color: 3D full color streaming capture
– Connectivity: USB 3.0
– Scanning FOV: 14 x 13 mm

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