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Sale – Advantages KaVo Dental Chairs

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If you’re looking for the best there is, you’ll love KaVo dental chairs

The perfect dental chair is the centrepiece of your practice

Our contribution to a perfect day at work. A dental chair is the centrepiece of every dental practice. It is the focal point of your daily work from which you treat and consult your patients. To meet your daily challenges, we at KaVo are passionate about manufacturing dental chairs that will make your work as easy and safe as possible. This includes practice-driven solutions such as

automated hygiene functions,
contactless, intuitive operation and
innovations for long-term ergonomically sound and healthy work environment.



Product details

Sale – Advantages KaVo Dental Chairs

100 years of experience to satisfy the highest demands on ergonomics.

To us, dental excellence means meeting the highest ergonomic requirements. Allowing you to always assume a healthy posture and be able to fully focus on your patients is key.

Therefore, the KaVo treatment units KaVo ESTETICA E80, E70, E50 and KaVo Primus 1058 all feature exceptionally well thought-through ergonomics concepts.
Best ergonomics: Better for you and for your health.

Was awarded the AGR seal of approval (E70/E80)
More than 100 years of KaVo means ergonomics are always prioritised
Natural posture, whether seated or standing up
Precise and relaxed working, fatigue-free work
The best position for the patient in the patient chair


Advantages KaVo Dental Chairs Dental Chairs

Natural posture

The lowest working position of as low as 350 mm allows a natural body posture when treating seated patients. This is of special advantage for petite dentists.


Advantages KaVo Dental Chairs Dental Chairs
The best position for the patient

Owing to the perfectly matched relationship between backrest inclination and foot rest tilt, your patients will always lie in an ergonomically correct position (Trendelenburg-motion).


Advantages KaVo Dental Chairs Dental Chairs
Good posture for the dental assistant

The height-adjustable KaVo assistant element (optional for KaVo ESTETICA E50, not available for ESTETICA E30) ensures relaxed and ergonomically healthy workflows at all times – no matter whether your assistant works seated or standing up.


Advantages KaVo Dental Chairs Dental Chairs
Constant position in the working area

The motor-driven horizontal movement of the KaVo ESTETICA E80 allows to keep the patient’s head in a constant position – even when switching between upper and lower jaw treatment. Thus neither the position of the operating light nor that of the dentist element has to be changed.


Advantages KaVo Dental Chairs Dental Chairs
Ergonomically shaped soft upholstery

The Progress backrest supports a back-friendly working posture due to very close proximity to the patient. In addition, the Comfort backrest for highest patient comfort is available for KaVo ESTETICA E70 and E80 and for theCOMPACTchair of KaVo Primus 1058.


Advantages KaVo Dental Chairs Dental Chairs
Work comfortably while standing

The highest working position of up to 900 mm allows you to treat supine patients while standing – even for dentists taller than 1.80 m.

Optimised reaching distances

The dentist element can be swivelled and adjusted in height and can always be positioned optimally and precisely where you want it through its ergonomic handle. All important information at a glance thanks to the integrated display.

Muscle tension-free operation

The KaVo foot control is operated by moving the foot right-left (no up-down movements). This concept allows for muscle-stress free operation, even when standing.


Advantages KaVo Dental Chairs Dental Chairs
Free leg room

The innovative suspended chair concept of the KaVo ESTETICA E80 and E70 allows you the crucial freedom of movement. For the area beneath the patient chair is completely accessible to you and your assistant. You have more than enough space for comfortable leg positioning and a relaxed seated position.



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