Sale – Kavo Primus™ 1058 Life Dental Chair

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Dental chair KaVo Primus 1058 Life. Rely on it.

The Primus 1058 Life was designed with a major focus on functional reliability and economic efficiency – for today and tomorrow. Demonstrate your ability to identify excellent value for your money and join thousands of dentists throughout the world who report that their Primus 1058 “runs and runs and keeps on running”.

Dental chair KaVo Primus 1058 Life. Proven quality. Redefined. Trust us.

Sale – Kavo Primus™ 1058 Life Dental Chair

Dental Chair Primus 1058 Life – Highlights of this dental unit at a glance

Primus™ 1058 Life Dental Chair

The patient chair

More streamlined chair design in modern dental white
Maximum load up to 185 kg
Integrated Trendelenburg movement for patient comfort
Extended highest/lowest positions
Optimised comfort from the soft cushion shape, optional RELAXline soft upholstery

The dentist and assistant elements

Dentist element in a modern design
Simple operating concept with more direct selection buttons
Assistant element includes clearly structured film keypad and improved operating comfort

CONEXIO patient communication system

KaVo ERGOcam One intraoral camera and KaVo DIAGNOcam (Product not shown in image)
High resolution KaVo screens, 19″ and 22″
The new CONEXIO system software combines patient management software, a 2D radiograph archive and live intraoral images in a unique operating concept.

Sale – Kavo Primus™ 1058 Life Dental Chair

Proven over time, more than 45,000 dental units sold

Primus™ 1058 Life Dental Chair

The Primus 1058 Life has always been designed for sustained power.

High-quality components that match each other perfectly are processed at high precision for this purpose. The entire unit, from the smallest screw to the whole unit body, is designed for maximum load and durability.

Our products are subjected to comprehensive tests to ensure that they withstand their daily workloads, helping to avoid breakdown or other costly complications and to ensure that you keep relying on us in the future.

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