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Sale – OLYMPUS CV-180 CLV-180 Tower System Endoscopy Processor

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Olympus CV-180 Processor
Olympus CLV-180 Light Source
Olympus CF-Q180AL Colonoscope
Olympus OEV191H Monitor
Sony UP-55 Printer
Olympus Keyboard


Product details

Sale – OLYMPUS CV-180 CLV-180 Tower System Endoscopy Processor

Olympus CV-180 Complete Endoscopy System Specifications

Olympus CV-180 Processor

Media: XD-Picture Card (512/256/128/64/32/16 MB), specified by Olympus. MAPC-10 can be used as PC card adapter
Recording Format: TIFF: no compression, SHQ: approx. 1/3, HQ: approx. 1/5, SQ: approx. 1/10
Number of Recordings: In 16 MB, NTSC/PAL, TIFF: approx. 17/14 images, SHQ: approx. 80/60 images, HQ: approx. 200/150 images
Signal Output: HDTV/SDTV

Olympus CVL-180 Lightsource

Light Source: 300-watt xenon lamp
Front Panel: Backlit
Filters: Specially coated filters for NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)
Visualization: Automatically adjusts the light intensity to achieve ideal illumination for observation

Olympus 180 Series Colonoscopes (Options)

Olympus CF-H180AL – High Definition Video Colonoscope
Olympus CF-Q180L – Video Colonoscope
Olympus PCF-Q180AL – Video Pediatric Colonoscope

Olympus 180 Series Gastroscope (Options)

Olympus GIF-H180 – Video Gastroscope
Olympus GIF-N180 – Video Gastroscope
Olympus GIF-Q180 – Video Gastroscope

The Sale – OLYMPUS CV-180 CLV-180 Tower System Endoscopy Processor is equipped with a high-resolution HDTV imaging capability. This helps ensure the best possible image quality for endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures. The CV-180 endoscopy tower is compatible with EVIS 100, 130, 140 Series and EVIS EXERA 160 Series scopes as well as bronchoscopes and surgical endoscopes.

Olympus CV-180 Processor with Pigtail
Olympus CLV-180 Xenon Light Source.
180 Series Video-Colonoscope. (Optional)
180 Series Video-Gastroscope. (Optional)
High-Resolution Monitor.
Endoscopy Cart.
Different configurations available.

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