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Siemens Acuson P500 Ultrasound Machine

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Siemens Acuson P500 Ultrasound Machine

Features Siemens Acuson P500
Siemens Healthineers has designed the compact and powerful ACUSON P500 unit, a portable ultrasound system designed to equip clinicians with a powerful lineup of clinical applications right at the bedside.

Focused entirely on the user, the Siemens Acuson P500 Ultrasound Machine is your platform for evaluating clinical manifestations, facilitating accurate diagnoses, and assisting emergency and critical care procedures.

With ACUSON P500, Siemens Healthineers is enabling quality care with ultrasound imaging anytime, anywhere.

Uses a wide range of specific transducers covering multiple applications.

See Better

Less complicated and more standardized therapeutic tests.

ACUSON P500 enhances image quality with a wide range of applications and features designed specifically for your area of ​​expertise.

With innovative technologies, image quality is paramount.

Reduction of motion and noise artifacts and simultaneous enhancement of color sensitivity with Dynamic Persistence and Auto Flash Artifact Suppression.

Scan Faster

Ability to greatly improve workflow thanks to an innovative and easy-to-use interface and fast startup times.

Unique automated solutions available with ACUSON P500 improve scan time, accelerate workflow and increase operational efficiency.

Perform a wide range of exams with Stress Echo, which creates user-defined protocols and offers flexible review formats and visual analysis.
Improve accuracy and reproducibility with eSie measurement, the workflow acceleration package that provides automatic measurements for routine echo.
Reduce training times and the variability of operational errors thanks to eSieScan, a semi-automatic protocol designed to automate and simplify the activity.

Go Further

ACUSON P500, with its diagnostic capability and workflow solutions, allows you to work more efficiently, consistently and clearly with powerful applications.

Your reputation as a healthcare provider and your financial success are based on the best experience and system performance.

Designed to fit the highest standards of care, from technical compliance to system usability – with the ACUSON P500 you can be assured that the equipment you invest in today will be viable and ready to integrate the most advanced technologies for years to come.

This allows you to manage costs without compromising the quality of care.

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