Syneron eMax with 3 Handpieces Like New

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Manufactured; Software Version 1.21; Good Operating and Cosmetic Condition; Included Handpieces and Pulse Counts: DS (Laser Hair Removal) = 8,940 Pulses; SR (Skin Rejuvenation) = 14,022 Pulses; ST (Skin Tightening) = 0 Pulses, Newly Refurbished; Also Included: Key, Operator Manual, Power Cord

Syneron eMax with 3 Handpieces Like New


ST: RF – 120 J/cm2 – Light – 10 J/cm2 – 700 nm – Skin Tightening

WR: RF – 100 J/cm2 – Light – 50 J/cm2 – 900 nm – Wrinkle Reduction

Matrix IR: RF – 100 J/cm2 – Light – 70 J/cm2 – 915 nm – Fractional Skin Resurfacing

SR: RF – 25 J/cm2 – Light – 45 J/cm2 – 580 nm – Skin Rejuvenation

SRA: RF – 25 J/cm2 – Light – 45 J/cm2 – 470 nm – Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

Sublative: RF – 25 J/cm2 – Light – 312 mJ – Sublative Skin Rejuvenation

AC: RF – 20 J/cm2 – Light – 18 J/cm2 – 400 nm – Acne

DS: RF – 25 J/cm2 – Light – 45 J/cm2 – 680 nm – IPL Hair Removal

DSL: RF – 50 J/cm2 – Light – 50 J/cm2 – 810 nm – Diode Hair Removal

LV: RF – 100 J/cm2 – Light – 140 J/cm2 – 900 nm – Vein Removal

LVA: RF – 100 J/cm2 – Light – 350 J/cm2 – 900 nm – Advanced Vein Removal

Weight: 77 Lbs

Dimensions: 18″ x 17″ x 40”

Electrical: 110 or 230 VAC

eMax – the Complete Aesthetic Treatment Solution

Powered by the revolutionary elos Technology, eMax delivers the most comprehensive range of aesthetic applications to successfully treat the broadest spectrum of hair colors, skin textures, and skin tones. eMax empowers you to meet patient demand for non-invasive aesthetic improvements with minimal downtime.

Build your aesthetic practice quickly and simply with eMax–the multi-application platform

The eMax provides a full range of aesthetic treatments with one compact system. Treatment combinations include:

Wrinkle Treatment

Optical and radio frequency energies used to remodel the dermal layer of the skin.

Promotes new collagen growth.

Improve textural irregularities like non-dynamic moderate wrinkles, and fine lines.

Hair Removal

Offer your patients the most in-demand aesthetic procedure today

Treat even minimally-pigmented hair colors and all skin colors

Largest treatment spot size available (12 x 15-mm), perfect for backs and legs

Acne Treatment

Clinically proven, safe, effective acne treatment.

Reduce sebaceous gland activity and destroy active acne.

Significantly less energy required than conventional lasers and IPLs.

Leg Veins/Vascular Lesions

Easily resolve vascular lesions in 1-3 treatments

Selective thermolysis to vascular lesions and leg veins up to 4-mm

Also ideal for advanced vascular and smaller resistant vessels including fine telangiectasias

Skin Treatment

With the triniti skin program, Color Correction, and Focused Dermal Remodeling can all be achieved in a single session. triniti is a Complete Facial Treatment Program, using the following applications:

Skin Rejuvenation / FotoFacialRF

The first and only radio frequency based FotoFacialRF

Treat superficial benign vascular and pigmented lesions, including telangiectasias, symptoms of rosacea and angioma

Resolves stubborn and resistant superficial benign pigmented and vascular lesions on lighter skin colors

ST (Skin Tightening) – ReFirme

Superior performance and patient comfort

Virtually painless non-invasive treatment without surgery

The Beauty of elos

elos equals Efficacy, Safety & Satisfaction

Only Syneron systems have elos, offering physicians unprecedented precision, efficacy, and safety

Uses significantly less energy than conventional lasers and IPLs by combining optical energy with radio frequency energy while delivering efficacious results.

Features Active Dermal Monitoring and electrode contact check

elos means better results, patient comfort, and patient satisfaction

Total Typical Maximum Pulses for Handpieces = 200,000 pulses

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