Syneron Litetouch Dental Laser – Like New

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1. User set parameters on an intuitive control panel using touch button interface 2. User places handpiece with appropriate treatment tip into the treatment location 3. User activates laser by pressing a foot pedal/switch

Syneron Litetouch Dental Laser – Like New

Width: 17.75″ (450mm) • Length: 21.65″ (550mm) • Height (display folded): 30.60″ (750mm) • Height (display extended): 35.00″ (890mm) • Weight: 78 Lbs. (35Kg)

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LiteTouch`s 1st design was made in 2006 by Mr. Moshe Marziano, and was updated during 2012 by Mr. Joel Rapoport, Both industrial designers from Israel.

Erbium: YAG technology, in combination with a strong spray of water, is the only laser that has been clinically proven to be efficient when treating hard tissue as tooth enamel and bone in addition to treating soft tissues like other lasers. The main challenge of Erbium: YAG laser dentistry has always been its dependence on cumbersome, unwieldy beam delivery devices, such as fibers and articulated arms. LiteTouch eliminates all these issues due to its unique technical design, which integrates the laser generation mechanism in the laser handpiece.

• Sapphire tips of different sizes and shapes per application (14 types total) • Glass panel with 7 touch buttons for ease of navigation • LED backlit LCD screen • Proprietary laser chamber including: o Flash lamp for ignition of the laser o Er:YAG rod o Amplification medium • Spray system (requires external air pressure source), including: o Solenoid-based valves assembly for spray control o Pressure bottle o Polyurethane tubing o One-touch fittings for tubing o Particles filter o Quick release fitting for external air-source • Enclosed Water cooling system, including: o DC electric water pump o Fan/radiator assembly o Flow switch for flow monitoring o Temperature sensor for temperature monitoring o Polyurethane tubing o One-touch fittings for tubing o Proprietary De-ionizer filter for cooling water • Conducting paint on inner surfaces • Polyurethane and ABS plastic covers • Painted Aluminum • Stainless steel • Sheet metal aluminum with Chromate conversion coating (Alodine) for components casing • Casters with breaks • Ignition key-switch • Emergency shut-off button • Rubber O-rings of various sizes • Anodized Aluminum with Satin finish for handpieces and applicator • PVC covers for applicator handle • Flex-PVC tubing • High Voltage Leakage protected Teflon wiring • Copper tape • Captone Isolation • Copper mirror with polarized coating • Aluminum mirror with polarized coating • ALB3 Molybdenum mirror • Zn-Se collimating lens • Laser branding of logo • Spring loaded latch for handpiece • Modular design for easy assembly/replacement of parts • PCB circuits o Switching Module o Simmer Module o Control Module • DSP based CPU • RS-485 communication between CPU and PCB boards • SPI communication for updating software via mini-USB connector • High Voltage Power Supply • 24V Power Supply • Capacitors bank • Line filter • D-type connectors • High Voltage/High Current shielded connectors • Ultra-sonic cleaning/sterilization during manufacture process • Automated energy calibration during manufacturing process • Optical Alignment process • Automated calibration test • Automated cooling circuit draining procedure

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